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At Son Menut Club d’ Equitació we have been dedicated to the world of horse riding for over 20 years. We currently have more than 90 horses and ponies for the enjoyment of our customers and catering to riders of all levels.

Our instructors, all professionals with years of experience, provide a fun and effective teaching environment for both children and adults. Our goal is that customers learn to ride intuitively and, above all, enjoy their experience.

We offer a wide range of excursions: 1 or 2 hours, full days or week programmes. In addition customers can enjoy beginners and advanced classes in dressage and show jumping.

Our ethos is it to support and promote a harmonious relationship between nature and people. By doing this we can offer a complete, responsible, and fulfilling service, accommodating recreational as well as therapeutic riding.


At Son Menut we pay special attention to the quality of our services. We provide high-level equestrian facilities such as:
- 1 indoor riding arena
- 2 outdoor arenas: 50 m x 70 m and 20 m x 40 m
- 1 round-pen arena
- 1 horse walker (up to 4 horses)
- 14 stables for stallions
- 14 stables for school horses
- 4 stables for mares
- 6 stables for ponies
- 10 paddocks for yearlings and time-off
- 4 stables for saddle-breaking horses
- 1 paddock and stable for broodmares
- 1 paddock for ponies
- 1 paddock for school horses
- Tack room for stallions
- Tack room for school horses
- 6 showers for horses
- 1 covered saddling and preparation area
- 1 x 300 m2 feeding room and grain mill
Stud farm and horses for sale

Stud farm and horses for sale

The Son Menut stud farm was founded by Antonio Barceló in 1981 when he purchased an Andalusian filly Ischia G. This filly, from María Teresa Gual de Pons’ stud, is a descendent of the renowned Bocado bloodline. Later, on the 10th of August 1985, Antonio acquired several mares from Mr. Joaquin Peña Buendia´s prestigious Sevillian livestock. Among those mares was Desertora III who, being in foal by Glorioso, gave birth to Apocalipsis.

Today the genetic basis of our stockbreeding is centralised around those two horses: Ischia G. and Apocalipsis. We have since covered with different stallions with our objective being to breed a distinct line of horses with special traits (rather than sheer quantity). Our horses are bred to possess a particular aesthetic prolife while maintaining practical functionality. Nowadays we also breed and break-in Baskir Curly horses, the only hypoallergenic horses.

-Horses for sale: http://www.sonmenut.com/comun/venta.php

Trail riding

Trail riding

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a recent beginner, you can enjoy the experience of riding through the scenic countryside. At Son Menut we offer excursions for all levels to explore different areas of Mallorca. Discover the island from a new perspective!

Short hacks

Short hacks of 1 to 2 hour durations are spread across the rural area of Son Negre. This region is away from the main thoroughfare of the islands tourism, allowing it to retain the traditional, quiet, and tranquil atmosphere that characterises the Mallorcan countryside. You are sure to enjoy the experience of riding a horse through these spectacular landscapes. The 1 or 2 hours trails can be private or in a group.

Whole day rides to the mountain

Day treks are not suitable for first time riders as they entail riding over rough terrain. Experienced riders, however, can enjoy these long-duration outings –starting at 9 am and finishing around 5 pm. A full day enjoying nature and beautiful views on horseback, we will take some time to rest and have brunch at the top of the mountain. We organise the trails in groups of up to 7 guests accompanied by at least one ride leader from our staff. Lunch is provided on these outings.
• Discover the day ride to Es Trenc Beach
• Discover the day ride to Consolació Sanctuary
• Discover the day ride to Sant Salvador sanctuary
• Discover the day ride to Montesion Sanctuary


The teaching methodology we use is intuitive and every lesson is adapted to allow students to reach their full potential. Children (from 6 years old) and adults can learn to ride, perfect their technique or develop their capacity to care for a horse. Lessons can be private or in group and are available for durations of upwards of 30 minutes. However, we do recommend 1hr lessons for improved learning progression. The lesson prices vary depending on the number of students and duration.

Pony ride with parents

Pony ride with parents

Children are captivated by nature and contact with animals has an invaluable benefit in their development. For the little ones, from 1 to 5 years of age, we provide pony rides around the premises for them to have their first horseback experience.
Rides last about 30 minutes. Wearing a helmet and appropriate clothing (long trousers and closed shoes) is mandatory for safety reasons. These rides must be attended and supervised by parents or legal guardians. Our ponies are raised to have calm and friendly dispositions but during these outings Son Menut is not responsible for situations or injuries caused as a result of misuse (or mistreatment) of the ponies. If you are unsure or uncomfortable in supervising the animal, please ask our staff for a few easy pointers.

Kids Camp

Kids Camp

At Son Menut we believe in the importance of dynamic, fun, and didactic activities for our youngest to enjoy learning. During all school holidays -Christmas, Easter, and Summer- we organise intensive Camps spanning several days for riders of all levels. These camps are a unique opportunity for kids to have fun during their holidays at the same time as exercising and enjoying their favourite activities.

During these camps we combine different activities depending on the children´s age and their riding level.

Activities include:
• Lessons: beginner, jumping, and dressage
• Combination of games with theory
• Short hacks and horse vaulting activities
• Equestrian theory
• Time to cool off in the pool (Summer Camp)

Kids camps last half a day – from 9. 00 am to 3.30 pm- and include lunch and water. Places are limited and fill up fast so it is essential to make a reservation in advance.
Kids camps are priced at 238 € for members and 258 € for non-members. There is also the possibility of single days: 55 € for members and 60€ for non-members.
Members are those children who are registered with the Federación Hípica de las Baleares, through our Club Escola d’Equitació Son Menut, for the current calendar year.

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