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Son Menut Nosotros

Welcome to Son Menut

Son Menut Nosotros

Welcome to Son Menut

Son Menut was first founded as a stud farm in 1993. As time passed we began to expand and include new services and facilities including diverse riding programmes and our own branch of agrotourism. Now, after 25 years of hard work and extensive renovations in 2017/2018, we are the proud owners and operators of a riding school with 90 horses, providing the perfect environment for breeding and raising Andalusians. We also run a restaurant full of Mallorcan specialties and locally-sourced produce, including our own Dexter beef and wine from our vineyards. Our mission is to promote environmentally friendly tourism and quality equestrian activities on our island home. We offer a range of horse-related activities, rustic and modern rooms, and a restaurant able to host many different events and festivities. Our values are: Authenticity, quality, sustainability, and family.

At Son Menut we pride ourselves on the quality and personalised service offered to clients in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. With more than 20 years of experience in the business we guarantee a fun and unique holiday, discovering the wonderful scenery of our island in harmony with horses and the surrounding nature.

Our Food and Produce

Dexter Beef and Wine

In addition to our agrotourism activities, in-house food production was established to supply fresh, quality meats, fruits, and vegetables to our restaurant, facilitating the “Km Zero” philosophy. Our main focus is our orange orchard, allowing us to provide fresh orange juice at breakfast during the harvest season. A family-run kitchen garden supplies the fresh daily vegetables to the restaurant.

Direct sales

Since 2016 we have been part of a government-run programme called “Venta Directa” (direct sales) which promotes the usage of in-house produce and allows direct distribution in our Son Menut Shop. Our little shop, located within our premises, offers a unique selection of our foodstuffs, including wine and beef four you to enjoy at home.

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calidad y sostenibilidad

Since 2016 we have been certified with “Sicted”, a regulatory body supported by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism which ensures the promotion of quality tourism in Spain. This maintains high quality and continual improvement within our agrotourism, riding school, and restaurant. We conduct annual business innovation reviews to improve our activities.

In particular, we try to raise awareness among locals and visitors about our complex ecosystem. We have worked diligently over the past 20 years collecting rain water, installing a solar plant system, and plastic recycling/reduction to operate in a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Son Menut is more than a place, it is a project from the Family Barceló Oliver. A dream come true and an experience that you can share with us. We want to open our doors so you can understand and feel closer to nature.

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