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The Son Menut stud was created by Antonio Barceló in 1981 when he purchased an Andalusian filly named Ischia G. from the María Teresa Gual de Pons’ stud, deriving from the Bocado livestock. Later, on 10th August 1985 , Antonio acquired several mares from Mr. Joaquin Peña Buendia’s prestigious Sevillian livestock. Among those mares we would like to mention Desertora III, as she arrived being pregnant by Glorioso and gave birth to Apocalipsis.


The genetic basis our stockbreeding bases on today was originated in the offspring of those two horses: Ischia G. and Apocalipsis. Later on we have bred our horses with different stallions.

Horses for sale

Andalusian Horses (PRE)



 At the Son Menut Club d’Equitació we have bred and broke in horses since 1981




Our objective of breeding at the Son Menut Club d’Equitació is to follow a distinct line of horses. For sure we are not looking for quantity but but horses which meet the desired requirements. We breed horses of a corrected and arched profile, rather small and close to the ground horses, but above all we breed functional horses.


At the Son Menut Club d’Equitació we work on our horses being in conditions as favourable as possible in order to get benefit and efficiency from them.



Hypoallergenic Horses (Curly)



At the Son Menut Club d’Equitació we also breed and break in Baskhir Curly Horses, the only hypoallergenic horses.



icho_logoCurly horses Horses are quite unknown in Europe, their appearance and unique curly hair have made them become very popular in the United States.

Curlies are the only hypoallergenic horses, so allergic people can enjoy the pleasure of horseriding without suffering any allergic reaction.

Today their origin is still unknown and it goes back hundreds of years. The first time a Curly horse was documented was in 1900 in Eureka, Nevada.

The Curlies’ character is soft, friendly and confident. They are easy to break in and deserve a rider who shows them respect and gets a benefit from them. Their tranquility and serenity hides a keen intelligence and exceptional strength. A Curly horse is the ideal mate for amateurs.

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