Dexter Cows


At Son Menut Club d’Equitació we breed Dexter cows to commercialize their meat. Their meat is extremely famous for being tasty, tender and juicy, with a good streaky fat in muscle. The Dexter cow is successfully bred in more and more parts of the world.

A pleasure for your senses.


Dexter cows got their origin in southern Ireland and are direct descendants of the first Celtic’s cattle. They were introduced in England for the first time in 1882. Ten years later, this native breed from Ireland was well established in Great Britain.

How are Dexter cows?

The Dexter is the smallest breed of British cattle. They are a family with an average weight of 300 to 350 kilos and a height between 92 and 107 cm. There are two recognised types of cows: the short legged and the long legged Dexter, both sharing the same features.

Although predominantly black, we can find Dexter cows in two other colours: red and brown. Dexter cows are known for their longevity and can breed regularly for 14 years or longer.

Quality Meat

Dexter is an early maturing breed. Its meat is very popular among consumers for its exceptional taste and high quality composition.

During the last 25 – 30 years commercialisation of this animal has been exceptionally successful and farms and breeders established in many parts of the world. These animals were exported to Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, Argentina, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and Germany.

Dexter, a small cow with a big future …


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