Hippotherapy is a kind of therapy that uses horses as rehabilitation tool. It bases on taking advantage of the horse’s movement when walking, in order to achieve the therapeutic objectives. It aimes at people with physical or psychical disabilities, whether congenital or acquired. Sessions are individual, last 45 to 60 minutes and are always guided by a specialised physiotherapist.


It is mainly addressed to people with physical or motor disabilities: back problems, coordination problems, handling of small things, paraplegia, tetraplegias … etc.


Furthermore, hippotherapy is particularly recommended for people with mental problems, as the emotional relationship it establishes with the horse helps people with social adaptation problems to overcome their conflicts and thus integrate into society in a normalised way.


Through contact with a horse and the motivation it generates, hippotherapy seeks solutions to the learning and adaptation problems of people with a handicap. It increases motivation, stimulaes affectivity, improves attention and concentration, stimulates touch, visual, auditory and olfactory sensitivity, helps the learning of regulated actions and increases the capacity for independence.


Any doubt you have regarding hippotherapy, please contact us and we’ll try to solve them.

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