After our 20 years experience at the Son Menut Club d’Equitació we achieved a funny and effective teaching method for children’s lessons as well as for and adults’. At the Son Menut Club d’Equitació we offer:

  • Beginners lessons (children / adults)
  • Advanced lessons (children / adults)
  • Dressage lessons with Andalusian Stallions
  • Jumping (children / adults)



The teaching program is intuitive and every lesson adapts to reach the full potential of the student. Children (from 6 years) as well as adults:

learn how to ride horseback

perfect their technique

They deepen in the necessary cares for a horse’s maintenance.

Lessons can be private or in group. We offer lessons from 30 minutes on.


The prices of lessons vary depending on how many students and hours. But at Son Menut we keep economic rates as we believe in that horseriding should be an affordable pleasurefor everyone. You can find lessons from 15€ on.


  • Group Lesson 1/2 hour (3 or more people)15€
  • Group lessons 1/2 hour (2 people) 17€
  • Private lesson 1/2 hour25€
  • Group lessons 1 hour (3 people or more) 25€
  • Group lessons 1 hour (2 people) 30€
  • Private lesson 1 hour 38€
  • Private lesson classical training with Andalusian stallions 1 hour50€

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