Equestrian School

At the Son Menut Club d’Equitació we have been working in the ecuestrian world for 20 years by now. At present we have more than 90 horses and ponies for our clients’ and riders of any level’s benefit.


Our teachers, professionals with years of experience, have achieved a funny and effective teaching method for children’s lessons as well as for and adults‘. Our aim is that you learn riding in an intuitive way and, most of all, enjoy the experience.


We offer a wide range of excursions and trails: 1 or 2 hours, half days and whole day excursions. Furthermore you can also enjoy a Riding Week Holiday with our ecuestrian programmes: beginners, advanced, dressage with stallions, and jumping, inter alia.


We try to get the maximum benefit from the human relationship with nature and we offer a complete, responsible and entire service of the ecuestrian world. That’s why we also work hippotherapy (therapeutic riding).


At Son Menut Club d’Equitació we also offer horses for sale.


Come in and have a look at our offer!


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